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Greenbay Harvest - Echinacea & Propolis 8 lozenges(1 x 8 lozenge


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GreenBay Harvest-12+ Echinacea & Propolis (8 lozenges)Echinacea and Propolis Active Manuka Honeysuckers lozenges are made from Active Manuka Honey blended with echinacea and propolis for an all natural flavour. According to pioneering research by Professor Peter Molan, Honey Research Institute, Waikato University which first identified Manuka honey’s unique and powerful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, Naturally Effective - Each lozenge is made from genuine, lab-certified New Zealand Manuka Honey, world famous for its proven anti-bacterial properties. Taken as a daily supplement manuka honey lozenges help maintain a healthy mouth, throat, immune and digestive system. Manuka Honey’s anti-inflammatory properties help soothe sore throats and reduce the urge to cough. We add extracts of Echinacea which is a herbal remedy well known for supporting the body’s immunity. Propolis is another miraculous product of the hive produced by the bees to protect the hive from infection. It is an age old beekeeper remedy famous for for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Naturally Delicious - A 100% natural throat lozenge, with no added sugar. We use as much as 20 times (ie 2000%) more manuka honey than many other brands of honey lozenges. The concentrated honey lozenge re-hydrates in the mouth which gives a prolonged release of honey and extended contact with affected areas of the mouth and throat. Instructions for Use: Suck two Green Bay Manuka Honeysuckers sequentially. Let each dissolve slowly in the mouth to prolong contact of the active honey with the sore throat and infected area. Two lozenges should last 10 minutes or more. Understanding Activity Levels of Manuka Honey - avoid an activity level that is too high - If you see a Manuka Honey for sale with a high activity score (above 15+) you should ask to see the lab certificate for the honey and check that the peroxide activity hasn't been combined with the NPA rating. Don't go too low - Remember that all clinical and academic research into manuka honey shows that honey with a genuine activity score below 8+ has no proven therapeutic benefits. The ‘Goldilocks’ activity score is 10+ to 15+. All the amazing research about manuka honey has been conducted with 10+ Manuka Honey or above. Ingredients: Active Manuka Honey (89%), Echinacea extract (0.5%), Propolis (0.5%), Cassava Starch (10%).

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  • Manufactured by: GreenBay Harvest

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