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Fruisana - Fruisana Fruit Sugar 250g(1 x 250g)


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Fruisana Fruisana Fruit Sugar (250g): Fruisana Fruit Sugar is nearly twice as sweet as ordinary sugar, so you need much less for sprinkling, and for use in cooking. Up to 33% less, in fact! It tastes like ordinary sugar, and doesn't have the slightly unpleasant aftertaste that you can get with some artificial sweeteners. Fruisana Fruit Sugar contains the same number of calories as glucose or ordinary sugar, but you need much less of it because it is sweeter, and it is a more stable and satisfying energy source. Click on health benefits to find out more about the benefits of Fruisana Fruit Sugar, including avoiding the energy 'highs and lows' that you get with ordinary sugar. There is also weight control advice, tips for athletes and people who exercise regularly, reference to the Glycaemic Index, and valuable advice for diabetics. Fruisana Fruit Sugar - it really is the natural way to a healthier lifestyle.

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  • Manufactured by: Fruisana

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