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Promensil - Promensil Double Strength 30 capsule(1 x 30 capsule)


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Promensil - Promensil Double Strength (30 capsule)Red Clover Double Strength - 30 tabs
What is Promensil?
Promensil is the original range of products for the Menopause based on red clover isoflavones (phyto-oestrogens), a naturally occurring molecule with a chemical structure similar to oestrogen.The Promensil range includes Original strength 40mg of standardised isoflavones and Double strength - 80mg of standardized isoflavones.What does Promensil do?
Promensil has been shown in clinical trials to help reduce the frequency and severity of hot flushes and night sweats and may help maintain bone and heart health.The red clover isoflavone structure mimics the human body's natural oestrogen and interacts with human oestrogen receptors to alleviate the symptoms associated with menopause.Clinical outcomes. Promensil has been clinically tested with over 1,000 women in international trials, demonstrating that it may reduce the number and severity of hot flushes. Studies have also shown bone loss is slowed with the use of 40mg isoflavones and arterial stiffness is improved.Promensil is recommended for menopausal women experiencing hot flushes, night sweats and mood swings. Individual responses vary, for some women symptom relief occurs quickly and for others symptom relief can take up to 8 weeksDouble Strength Promensil is recommended to start with to help get symptoms under control followed by Original Promensil to maintain control.Promensil should be taken for at least 8 weeks to determine efficacy.Maximising effectiveness - antibiotics, stress and caffeine can limit the absorption of isoflavones into the blood stream. Maintaining a healthy gut flora is important and can be enhanced by consuming probiotics and natural yoghurts. Regular intake is recommended. There is no maximum period over which to take Promensil.

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